Production: Hunter x Hunter

First of all, HAPPY 2016! 2015 was good, and I made some changes towards the end of the year so starting this new year is bringing all sorts of challenges already. Good challenges!

I just shot "Hunter x Hunter" BTS at Bang Zoom! Studios for Viz Media. If you haven't heard yet, Viz Media is bringing anime "Hunter x Hunter" to the U.S. (https://twitter.com/VIZMedia/status/652531677072359425)

Because it was tight in both the control room and booth, I had to bring 3 cameras and my fast lenses to get as much coverage as I could get in a dimly lit work area. I used the G7 on a Joby gorillapod in the control room for the Director's shot. Then I used 2 cameras in the booth with the actors; D3200 and D5300 on a monopod. I brought my complete lighting kit, but didn't end up using them. High ISO and fast lenses FTW!

This was a very chill shoot. I spent half my time in the green room getting other work done on my laptop and ingesting the footage onto a hard drive for Viz Media to take back to SF. Multi-tasking at its finest!

I would also like to say that Bang Zoom! has a really cool green room :)