Post: Food Truck Fanatics

New foodie show in the works! I haven't worked on a foodie show in a few months now and it's nice coming back to this type of show. The series is set to be released on Canadian broadcast network, and I believe select online/mobile apps as well. The production and post schedule for this series is pretty tight for 12 episodes, so for the next 2 months my weeknights and weekends will be spent in the edit bay. Basically, work after work. This series is shot on Canon C300/100's and GoPro's. Ah, yes...the GoPro's. Every editor's nightmare lol

Previous foodie show I worked on (edit/motion gfx): Save My Sweet Tooth

Watch Food Truck Fanatics season 1 here: https://www.go90.com/shows/1mtfRDX6Ezd