Post: Tastemade

Working on another food related series, but with Tastemade. It's a fun new series that is quite the opposite of the other food series I'm also working on (see previous blog post). This series has minimal graphics (gfx) and sound effects (sfx) which is something that's new to me only because every show I've worked on I needed to add gfx/mgfx and sfx. I actually had time to focus on the editing, and not have to think about the gfx or sfx. Anyway, I edit these food shows at night and it sucks because I go to bed starving! I mean, I eat dinner around 5-6pm, but food is so influential. I finished a pudding episode and the next day I bought pudding. Ha.

Watch the latest videos here: Zucchini fries / Black bean hummus quesadilla