Production: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Sailor Moon SuperS

Hey hey! Happy new year :) I am kicking off the new year in production. YAY! Shot some Blu-Ray featurettes interviews and BTS material for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Sailor Moon SuperS.

I shot Jojo's with the same studio 2 camera setup. I upgraded my mic stand with a boom - finally! I purchased an inexpensive boom stand from Amazon. Works well for small shoots like this, but if you're looking for something with better extension - look elsewhere.


I shot Sailor Moon differently since we had more actors on set that day. I used 3 cameras - woooo! 3 cameras, 1 camera operator/dp lol Let me tell you, that was tough and next time I feel like I should have another crew member onboard to help. There were some things that could've been better.


Aside from production, I started editing the second half of Ready Set Style season 3. Rumor has it season 4 will be making its way into 2018 as well ;)