Production/Post: Hunter x Hunter, EM Cosmetics, Ready Set Style

Long time no update! Since January I've been traveling for weeks at a time, and I'm finally home for a solid month. Yay! But that doesn't mean I haven't been working. Oh no no no.

For production, I shot more BTS and interviews for Hunter x Hunter - the movie and series. Again, 2 camera studio setup. Space is always tight at the studio so we work with what we can.

For post, I think I mentioned something about season 4 of Ready Set Style in a previous entry - anyway, it's happening! Super tight turn around for this show so I've been editing pretty much non-stop. We're midseason right now so I'm hoping to catch a breather soon to finish the rest of the season before summer.

I just wrapped a small project with EM Cosmetics. Did some stringouts, edited some social spots, and color correct everything. I'm happy with how the color turned out on this project, even though it's scribbled off in the photo lol I'll update with videos once the team has published them.