Post: House Tour x Hollister, Eleon "Hush"

I edited a music video a few months ago, probably since the last time I posted I started working on it. The song is called Hush by Eleon. Simple shoot set up so the video heavily relied on the editing. I also did the color correction for the music video. Can't wait until it's released, but in the mean time check out the music video trailer.


Watch the music video trailer here https://youtu.be/E0QvXdxbcN8

Watch the music video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpUw7D_4Gdk

I'm not sure if I mentioned that I edited the entire series of House Tours series for Awesomeness...? Anyway, their latest episode was sponsored by Hollister. Shout out to the production crew that always sync claps ON CAMERA!


Watch the episode here https://youtu.be/W3IQR8srZsM