Post/Production: Cook Along, Alarmed, Skintight

I jumped in briefly on something I've never done before and that's interactive content. I took over a project from another editor - it was very short, but a nice taste of the interactive world. The show is called Cook Along, and editing the videos is simple, but uploading the videos to the interactive platform called Eko gets...intimidating. Below are some of the uploaded videos that direct you to another video - these nodes connect in every way possible. The mapping is so crazy. Even the editing and continuity of each video is pretty impressive. I wouldn't mind working on something like this from the start. *cough HIRE ME cough*


Now onto another project I briefly worked on - Alarmed, a short film. I don't work on short films a lot. In my entire career I've probably edited maybe 3...or 4? I don't remember, but I know I can count the amount on one hand. Not including my own stuff. The short film is going on a festival circuit so I can't say much about it. It was shot on the RED, and 95% of it was my sound design.


Lastly, I got to shoot on the Sony FS7 for the first time. Nothing much to report about it except that it's nice working with cameras again. This shoot was very quick. Just shot some promo stuff for the play Skintight at the Geffen Playhouse.