Post: IPSY, Supercharged - Safe at Home

Long time no update! I've been meaning to update what I've been working on, but a global pandemic happened and you know the rest. It's crazy how the world can turn upside so quickly, and how unprepared we are as a whole. I don't want to go off on a tangent, but this has shown how some of us can adapt and how some of us fail at swift change. With that being said, working from home is nothing new to me lol

I thought this simple MGFX template was appropriate for this moment in time and for everyone. I created this After Effects MGFX using Andrew Kramer's saber plugin. I've been using the saber plugin a lot lately on other projects. Shout out to Andrew!


Watch it here

I've also been working with IPSY a lot on all their social content, but like, what isn't for social anymore, right? lol It's crazy how editing something that will go live on IGTV or IG Stories (which is 9:16) is becoming the norm for me now. I remember back in the day how weird it was to edit anything in 9:16. I still don't like it when people film in 9:16, but it's being output in 16:9 *major eye rolls*




Anywho, right before the "safe at home" orders aka quarantine was put into place I also worked on some Complex Culture branded stuff for IPSY, and a sound bath video for Meet Sanctuary. As most of you already know I do motion graphics, and to get to work on a sound bath visual was pretty cool. This is what I made for fun, and what the sound bath was modeled after: https://hercreativespace.com/post/614087695984099328/had-she-stayed