Post: Successful at SUPERCHARGED, TikTok

How's everyone doing during this pandemic? It's crazy to think we're all going through this. It's been two months since I've posted. I'm alive. I'm well. I'm COVID-19 free. I'm fortunate enough to have a separate office in my home to get work done, and to also have work/gigs lined up. One of the best things about being an editor is that we can really work anywhere. Not many people like editing or even want to do editing, but it's one of those jobs in the industry that is definitely stable and never going away. With that said, I've been keeping busy with work and staying home.

Oddly enough I've started working on TikTok videos lol Very short videos with really weird safe margins. I remember when editing IGTV videos was weird...ah, how the times have changed. Since TikTok might be banned for political reasons - even though people saying it's because of privacy - whatever the reason, it's a different vibe editing TikTok videos. I don't hate it, but I also don't love it.


I'm currently working on a series for SUPERCHARGED by Kwanza Jones (SBKJ) called Successful at SUPERCHARGED. It's a cool, motivational series featuring the team working at SBKJ and their success stories. Check it out here: https://iamsupercharged.com/culture-cat/successful-at-supercharged/ I did the MGFX, series trailer, pilot episode, and a handful of episodes.


And in other news, "Lumpia with a vengeance" aka LUMPIA 2 is picture locked! I finished a bunch of VFX shots, and it feels like I just crossed the finishline...even though we still have color grading and audio mix to do lol Working on a feature film is a lot of work, but working on a low budget indie feature film is a lot of work x10.