Post: CBS Showcase 2021, Lumpia 2

Oh, hey 2021. 2020 was wild, wasn't it? lol It's been 4 months since I've updated and I feel bad about that. TBH tho, not much has changed. Still working remotely. Oh! And I have a new gig as post-production supervisor/editor/vfx for ViacomCBS' Showcase 2021 (previously called the Diversity showcase). I've mentioned the showcase before when I used to shoot the behind the scenes for them back in the day, and now I'm working with them again, but in post production. I started in November so I've been busy. It's really refreshing to be working on narrative content again, and comedy!

In other post news, Lumpia With A Vengeance is already out and running the festival circuit. I have yet to watch the finished film even though I worked on it lol It's fine though. I want everyone to get a chance to watch it. It was a labor of love to work on. Really proud of the team, and we won the HIFF Audience Award - ayyy!

Follow and get updates on the film here: http://lumpiamovie.com/

For production, of course everything is currently shutdown in LA due to the surge in COVID cases :( So I haven't been shooting on location. Which is fine. I have upgraded to full frame now. Panasonic S5, baby! Excited to do some test shoots with it at home. Just because we're on lockdown again it won't stop me from continuing to grow and learn. I still have my G7's and I'm keeping them because they're great for interviews which is something I might do this year with companies who've reached out to me.

Stay safe and be safe everyone!