Post: CBS Showcase 2021


And that's a wrap! Despite the chaos and unexpected hiccups I enjoyed working on Showcase 2021. The super funny and talented cast made editing these skeches a breeze. No matter how many revisions we had to go through I still laughed at all the punchlines. I'm really happy for the cast for putting on a great show and performance. I also have to shoutout the creative/production team because they really killed it and brought this show to life.

At first I was going to handle all the VFX and color grading while also being the post-production supervisor and editor (yeah, I wore many hats for this one). The bottleneck happened when LA shutdown again for the second pandemic lockdown. Once it was okay to shoot again that's when we had to hit the ground running. I was getting hard drives from all over the U.S. - this was when I had to be the assistant editor transcoding, uploading, and prepping projects. That week was just crazy. We were already a lean post team so I was extremely happy to bring on two extra post peeps towards the end to help me push this show where it needed to be. And we delivered. Of course I wish we had a little more time, but you know how it goes in post lol