Post: 4 month update

Well, it certainly has been awhile since my last update lol Four months to be exact. Thankfully I've been busy with work, and most importantly staying healthy. So, let's start current and work backwards with these updates, eh? Currently, I'm working with CORE Creative Labs on a special project. I've been working with them since the end of August. Also in August I began cutting a short film called "30 & 3", but it's currently on hold for a reshoot. From May until August I started working with React Media editing videos for YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram. Then from May to June I was working with CreatorUp and Twitter again, but this time for their CultureCon panels.

Yup, so a lot of back to back work, but I love what I do so I can't complain :) I am giving myself some time off to unwind at a certain point so it's not constantly work, work, work. That's one very important thing I've learned freelancing for over decade. Learning how to take a break goes a long way in your career and life. Take those breaks!